Do you charge admin or finders fees?

No! At Silver Spoon we don’t charge anything to sign up – just rental to our tenants.

Do we have to pay council tax?

Students don’t have to pay council tax – we can help you fill out and send your exemption forms.

How long is my contract?

Usually 12 months, starting 1st July.

How do I view a property?

Drop us an email or give us a call and we will try to arrange a viewing for you and your house-mates within 48 hours.

How do we reserve a property?

It’s easy. Once you’ve seen the house and decided you want it, your group just needs to pay the deposit and sign the tenancy agreement. Then the house is yours (well, reserved, anyway).

How much will our utilities cost?

Obviously this will vary, but we always estimate usage in a 6-bed house at around £12-14 per person, per week to cover gas, electricity, water and WI-FI. We can do an inclusive package for you if you prefer – if you need more info, please just ask.

There are 5 of us but we really like one of your 6 bed houses. Can we still rent it?

You could do, but you’d need to cover the full rent for the house, so it’ll mean dividing rent for 6 between 5 of you.

Does the house come with appliances or do we have to sort out our own?

All our kitchens are designed for a shared house so they include good-sized fridges, freezers, cookers, microwaves and kettles. Most of our houses also feature dishwashers and tumble dryers.

Is there a TV or do we need to hire one?

All our houses come with flat screen TVs in the shared sitting room, and in each bedroom.

Do you have WI-FI?

Every property is Wi-Fi enabled.

What do we do if there’s a house emergency?

We’re available all hours so just give us a call and we’ll get a plumber, electrician or whatever you need in no time.

Are the houses warm in winter?

Every house comes with double-glazed windows, well-fitted doors and gas central heating. So, yes!